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Allan's 1967 Cadillac Superior Royale Tiara Limousine Funeral Coach

In 1967 Cadillac shipped 2,333 Series 69890 commercial chassis (featuring a 156" wheelbase and a perimeter-type frame) to the three major US funeral car and ambulance manufacturers. Of these, industry leader Superior Coach of Lima, Ohio delivered 780 funeral cars. Styling of the Cadillac commercial chassis was compatible with that of their passenger cars, and it was not uncommon for larger funeral directors to operate sizeable fleets of matching Cadillac hearses, limousines, flower cars, and an ambulance or two.

This car was imported to Australia by Sutherlands Auto Imports of Carrara, Queensland late in 1997, converted to right hand drive in August 1998 and finally sold to myself (the webmaster) in October 1999. It is powered by a 429ci V8 engine, however being built on a Cadillac commercial chassis it does not have all the usual Cadillac electric gadgets, not even a radio. It does however have air conditioning.

This hearse has now been transformed into a beautiful limousine, as can be seen below