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Dave and Clint's 1958 Fleetwood

This pink 1958 Fleetwood was originally a US consulate car, being used in Canberra from 1962-1963. It was converted to RHD by Morrison's of Taren Point in 1963 when it was believed to be owned by country and western singer Smoky Dawson. The next owner was Harold Pye of Riverwood, who advertised it for sale in La Cad in the late 70's for $2,500. Purchased by a guy in Manilla near Tamworth, it was later sold to Stan Walker of Sefton, then to David Laws of Campbelltown in 1984 for $6,000. Dave and Clint bought it in 1996, and have had it restored to it's current beautiful condition. Everything has been rebuilt, the interior re-done in a plush red velour, and the body (originally blue) repainted in pink to match their 1958 Sedan de Ville.