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Cruise to The Entrance, 11th January 1998

Despite cloudy weather at the meeting point, when the time came to get underway, it was on with the sunglasses and on with the Caddie's air conditioning. The first event for 1998 got off to a good start as eight cruisers pointed those big bonnets at the freeway and headed north to The Entrance. Our convoy consisted of

1957 Seville (Malcolm, Lyndal and Alex)
1958 Sedan de Ville (Dave and Craig)
1959 Coupe de Ville (Allan, Joy, Adam and Sarah)
1963 Convertible (Adam and Marilyn)
1969 Eldorado (Ivan and wife)
1972 Sedan de Ville (Peter and family)
1974 Sedan de Ville (new member George Gow with friends Stewart and Belinda)

As usual, other motorists gave signs of approval all along the way, as our V8 motors did their job in effortlessly getting us to our destination. Outside of The Entrance we were met by local member Barry in his smart looking red with black interior 1970 Eldorado (8.2 litre) who escorted us to a pre-arranged parking spot. On the grass, under shade between the pub and the Lake, we parked the cars and instantly became a big attraction for everyone.