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Mike's 1957 Sedan de Ville

Sight Unseen

Iíve just purchased my first Cadillac, a left hand drive 1957 Sedan de Ville. Iíve been looking around for sometime now. A couple of years back at Echuca, I had a ride in Ralph Plarreís 1957 convertible, also Alf Dichieraís 1961 and Irwin Sinclairís 1966 convertible. I went home very impressed and with plenty of ideas. Then a few weeks ago I passed a red 1955 on the road and in an instant I made up my mind and jumped on the phone. Joe from Golden Gasolines was pleased to point me in the right direction. He tracked down a 1957 Sedan de Ville LHD, in running condition and registered in South Australia. As Joe was recommended by Club members, I paid up and hoped for the best without seeing the car! I couldnít insure it, no-one wanted to pick it up... too wide and too long, so I headed to Melbourne to collect it not even sure of what it was going to look like.

I didnít have to ask when I got to the depot... What a car! I jumped in unregistered, uninsured...oops! Too bad, I was a very happy Cadillac owner. On the way home, I had a half hour fuel stop as it took me 25 minutes to find the fuel cap! How the yanks decided to put it behind the tail light I donít really want to know. Iím sure the guys at the servo though I had pinched it! Arrived home to Shepparton in one piece. No-one dared to complain about my driving... the smile on my face said it all. Hope to catch up at Echuca. Thanks again for everyoneís help.

Mike Sorraghan, Victoria, November 1999