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Neil & Verna's 1927 LaSalle 5 passenger sedan

This 5 passenger LaSalle has been in the Jende family since new, we have copies of the warranty and original invoice document.

My uncle, Paul Jende, owned the LaSalle from new. He went to Lanes Motors in Melbourne to buy the 5 passenger sedan on 23/2/28 (1927 model) and drove it back to five miles west of Beulah, where it was garaged most of its life. Uncle Paul drove it to Beulah once a week for supplies and short trips to visit the family. He drove the LaSalle until he was 90 years old, then when he passed away four years later in 1981, he willed it to me. While he was in hospital we had two very bad mouse plagues which left the interior ruined.

I took it to Graham Clarks at Buninyong in 1985 to be restored. Everything was there but it was a mess. He had it for about five years and worked on it in his spare time. We weren't in a hurry for it as we owned a motel in Halls Gap and were always busy when the rallies were on.

Then in 1992 we used it for our son's wedding - first and last wedding - as the confetti stuck like you know what to the upholstery.

In 1995 we sold the motel and retired to Toolondo on the lake and have not been well since. Graeme and Margo and two other couples called in to see the car one day. Then when the 30th anniversary rally at Wagga Wagga came up, Graeme rang to see if we were interested in going. I said I would like to if I was able... we did get there and had a wonderful time.
Neil Jende