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1998 Yankee Doodle Dandy Supercruise, Sunday 8th November 1998 (NSW)

Close your eyes. Project onto the back of your eyelids the best American car movie your imagination can dream up. Open your eyes and you’re at the Supercruise.

This event is huge... last year there were 800 American cars cruisin’ together. This year we started with a bit of a weather problem, but even with pouring rain there were still 400 cars (what troopers) and of course a little bit of water can’t stop an army of Caddy owners from turning up. Anyway the rain had stopped by 9.30, so the 400 owners of all types of US iron who used the rain as their excuse missed out on a fantastic day.

We congregated at Sydney’s largest fun park “Australia’s Wonderland” using their equally large car park as a meeting point. What a sight... seeing this many American cars in one spot really gets the adrenaline pumping.

Around 9ish we left Wonderland (we should have named it America’s Wonderland for the day) and cruised the 1 1/2 hours to Wollongong. As far as your eye could see American cars outnumbering everything else on the road.

We cruised through the mountains, a light fog making it look even more mysterious. I was working on the day as a photographer for Street Machine magazine (look out for coverage of the event in an upcoming issue), and let me tell you the Caddies stand out even in the impressive company of all these other American marques.

We arrived at Wollongong and were assembled in a large park near the harbour. A spectacular car show it was, taking a good couple of hours to get round–a lot of fun.

I’d like to thank John McCoy-Lancaster from the Chev Club for doing such a wonderful job organising such a smooth running event. There are still some commemorative number plates available. Contact John on 0412 194 003 - proceeds go to the Cancer Council.

Cars in attendance:
Judy Ellis, 57 Fleetwood
Vince Dickinson, 51 Sedan, 53 Fleetwood
Anton Brinckmann, 53 Coupe deVille
David, 68 Series 75 Limo
George, 78 Seville
Dave Scrimgeour, 58 Sedan
Kevin Liddy, 39 Sedan
Malcolm Graham, 63 Coupe deVille
Ivan Barrow, 69 Eldorado
Less Reiss, 73 Convertible
Steven Godfrey, 64 Fleetwood
George Koulamas, 59 Convertible, 59 Fleetwood

Mark Bean